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Farzin has been my personal fitness trainer for the past four month. I am happy to say he has all the knowledge, experience and interpersonal skills you can only hope in a teacher. The fitness program Farzin devised for me has made a positive difference to my over-all health, sense of well-being and strength.

What I like working with Farzin is how he pays close attention to each individual: where are you at your in general health? What spacial or unique health and strength issue do you have? What is the best way forward for you?

In my case beginning with a clear assessment, Farzin started me on a fresh path to fitness devised work-out program to shore up the positives I had going for me, and, at the same time moved me forward on where I needed to improve. I might add that Farzin's warmth along with an easy sens of humor eased my way forward, and in a nice way, challenged me to make improvements I need to make.

Thanks Farzin

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