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These pictures don’t tell the whole story. When I met Farzin almost 2 years ago I was depressed, unhappy and unmotivated to do anything to change my situation. My sister pushed me to at least meet with Farzin and talk about training with him. After an hour talking to him and listening to what he said I decided to try – what did I have to lose? When I started I could barely walk a block without my hip or back hurting nor could I walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded. We started slowly at first. He taught me proper technique using the equipment, how to breathe while doing exercises, and set up a routine for me that changed as I made progress. Everything was designed for me and my abilities at the time. Over time Farzin started increasing the weight and reps to help me increase my strength, stamina and flexibility. IT WORKED!!!

I have lost over 60 pounds, gone down several pant sizes, can walk many blocks without hurting and feel like a new person. My family says I AM a new person. I’m happy and have a much more positive attitude now. Of course I’ve had to change the way I eat too and that’s been the hardest thing to change. Farzin has helped, supported, and encouraged me all the way.

I’ve watched Farzin work with young and old, fit and those struggling with physical difficulties. He is always positive and upbeat and focuses on you each session.

I still have about 40 pounds to go and a lifetime of working out. I will not go back to the “old” Bev. I like the new Bev. Thank you Farzin!

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