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Farzin gives consistency.

Prior to personal training with Farzin, I was haphazard with my workout routine. I would be committed to visiting the gym for a few weeks, followed by a season of inactivity. I never seemed to be able to stay in rhythm, often becoming bored with my workout options.

However, Farzin has changed my outlook on fitness. Thanks to his techniques I’m continuing to maintain the longest active stretch of my adult life. Every session is different, giving me the variety that I need to stay interested. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, the assortment of exercises is ever changing. I appreciate the variation and the personalization he gives to each one of my workout sessions.

Thanks to Farzin I see the results and benefits of a consistent, healthy lifestyle. I continue to evolve in many aspects, both physically and emotionally, as he navigates me toward my fitness goals.

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