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In January 2015 I suffered a “traumatic leg injury” breaking both my tibia and fibula playing ice hockey when an opponent dove/fell into my leg while we were both skating at top speed. The injury required surgery to implant a titanium rod in my leg as well as a follow up knee surgery months later due to complications. I lost most of the range of motion and a significant decrease in strength in my knee and ankle as well as decline in my overall physical abilities.

Going to physical therapy twice a week wasn’t enough to get me back on the ice. Once I was cleared to work out again I began working with Farzin, as a way to supplement my physical therapy. We started out working out in a pool, as I was unable to apply a lot of weight on my injured leg. Over the course of 7 months we progressed to where I was able to return to the ice and have worked on getting my body to 90% to where I was. I look forward to continue working with Farzin to get back to 100% and then improve on my performance from there.

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