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I just completed the 7 Day Fitness Retreat in Maui. It was more than I could have ever hoped for and then some. Not only did it focus on physical fitness but also addressed clean eating and mental health as well. As someone who has been exercising for the majority of my life, this was a huge awakening to key elements I was missing not only in my routines but in my life in general. The group workouts were just difficult enough to challenge you without going overboard. The personal sessions were just that. Very specific to my personal goals. Farzin is a genius at reading people and knows just how much to push you to get significant results. As a person in general, he brings out the best in everyone he is around. Due to this excellent program, I not only lost 5 pounds in a week, but I also felt more energetic and just overall healthier. I added so much to my fitness toolbox to include some out of the box style exercises as well as some phenomenal dietary ideas to keep my eating on the right track.

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